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BepiColombo cartoon spacecraft ‘hug’ Earth ahead of flyby

Figuring out Spacecraft Identity…

© Roger Brown

Arthur Ogleznev

Borrowed from the Aavegotchi Wiki


Borrowed from the Aavegotchi Wiki


A perfect unknowing representation of crypto-economic systems being the public infrastructure of the future by Matheus Bertelli

Roberto Nickson

© Darwin Laganzon


  • Bitcoin is a pseudonymous, trust-less, decentralized, and immutable network.
  • Anyone can join the network with a computer and an internet connection.
  • The computer is a node inside this network.
  • The node may verify and audit…

The aerial view looking north shows space shuttle Complex 39 Launch Pads A (foreground) and B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. To the right is the Atlantic Ocean. ©Wikimedia Commons


A wandering nomad and a child of four cultures. I enjoy music, reading, outdoors, making cool stuff, scify shows, shorts and movies.

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